Proxy Voting

A Full Member of the Company is entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of his or her rights to attend and vote in accordance with applicable provisions of company law at a general meeting of the Company, notwithstanding anything to be contrary in the Company's Articles of Association. You can only appoint a proxy using the procedures set out in these notes.

Note that only Full Members are entitled to vote or to appoint a proxy; other Members may attend the General Meeting in person but only as observers. You may appoint the Chair of the meeting to act as your proxy, and give your specific instructions on the Proxy Form.

Your proxy will vote or abstain from voting at his or her discretion, subject to any instructions which may be given by you. A vote or abstention by your proxy will be final and conclusive even if it is contrary to your intentions or instructions. Your proxy will vote (or abstain from voting) as he or she thinks fit in relation to any other matter which is put before the meeting, including a motion to adjourn.

To appoint a proxy , the form must be:
1. Completed and signed;
2. Sent to the Company in hard copy at The Quay, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex CM0 8AU;
3. Received by the Company no later than 5 p.m. on 24th February 2022